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top tips for waxing at home

With lockdown life fully ruining our beauty regimes, we know just how easy it is to reach for the razor to try and fight the inevitable gorilla status.

The thing is, waxing has never been more important. Not only does waxing help to achieve beautifully smooth and glowing skin, but keeping on top of your appointments helps to create

a finer hair regrowth, meaning that eventually, you can wax less.

Here at Hers & Sirs, we know how hard our clients work to keep on top of their appointments and make the most of all of the benefits that come with a great, professional wax. So, we're talking to you! Yes- you! Put down the razor, step away from the shaving foam and let us let you in on a little secret...

Here's our top tips for an "almost" professional waxing experience.

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